Torigoya is the traditional Japanese yakitori house in downtown Los Angeles.

Appetizers aside, we specialize in one thing, charbroiled skewered chicken seasoned in a variety of ways and grilled over imported charcoal. A multitude of tastes and textures are offered from smoky, sweet, juicy and tender, marked with crispy bits of char. Served with traditional condiments like potent hot mustard, ginger & green onion paste, Sichuan peppercorn and seven flavor spice. There are also tasty skewers of tsukune (Japanese meatballs), uzarago tamago (quail eggs) and vegetables wrapped in thin pieces of chicken. Taking pride in transforming even humble ingredients to make the Best of the best to be found.

ADD:          123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St #203, Los Angeles, CA 90012
TEL:           213.687.0690
OPEN:       MON ~ THU (6pm ~ 10:30pm),   FRI & SAT (6pm~11pm)